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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can participate in MOLearns?

You must be a Missouri resident, at least 17 years old. All students must take a TABE placement test before starting. You must have a computer with internet access. Smart phones are not recommended for online studying.

How much computer experience do I need in order to use MOLearns?

Although MOLearns does not require you to be a computer expert, the class is ideally for people who have some computer experience. You should be able to search and browse the Internet comfortably. You should also have and email account and be comfortable receiving and sending emails.

What software do I need on my computer to be able to use MOLearns?

MOLearns uses the Instructure Canvas classroom platform. In order to run Canvas, you just need a current web browser. You may be required to download additional updates to your computer for other programs to work properly. You must also have an email account.

Is there a cost to enroll in the MOLearns program?

Since we are funded completely through the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), there is no cost to enroll. However, you do have to be a Missouri resident.

How do I get started in the MOLearns program?

Please see the Intro to MOLearns to find out how to get started in class.

Do I have to go into an onsite class to take the assessment tests now?

Our funding from DESE is based on the progress that our students make on their assessment tests. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the state is allowing MOLearns to proctor tests online so you can take the placement test from your home. In order for tests to be valid, they must be proctored by an instructor.

Do my assessment tests need to be completed before I can get my username and password?

Yes, your username and password will only be assigned to you after you have completed your assessment tests.

How long will it take me to complete the MOLearns?

The length of time it takes you to prepare depends upon how often you check into class, how much effort you put into your work, and at what level you need to start.

How will I know when I am ready to take the high school equivalency?

Both your online and onsite instructor will track your progress through your assessment test scores, assignments, and quizzes. They will let you know when they think you are ready for the test.

Can I take the high school equivalency test online?

At this time due to the COVID-19 pandemic HiSET ETS is allowing students to test online. Please visit for more information regarding testing in Missouri.

Where can I get information about the high school equivalency test itself?

Other high school equivalency questions? Go to

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